Sep 17, 2011
I took the two designs to a screen printer for a quote on the t-shirt prints and he was most impressed with the artwork. I figure that is quite a compliment since they see designs and artwork all day long. Please pass along the great feedback to Dennis and my appreciation for putting all of his talent and effort into the Street Justice project. "

Thanks again!
Street Justice

May 20, 2011
“Dennis is a talent artist. His work speaks for itself!”


May 25, 2011
“Dennis has a unique style that complimented my character designs. He communicates well throughout the design process and is very receptive to change, even when on a tight production deadline. I highly recomment Dennis for your illustration and design projects.”

-Phil Hardy
Outerverse Comics

June 11, 2011
Dennis is a great artist who has worked with me in on many of my film projects. He is a comic book artist, but has been a Conceptual Artist for my main characters on several projects in including my short film Blood Orchid, and many other projects that are in pre-production.”

-John Carlos Torres, CEO,
Crimson Media Entertainment

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